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Our Design-Build Process

Southern Rhode Island’s premier design-build firm.

“The DBC design-build process was created with the client in mind.  During this unique process, the client collaborates with their DBC Design team, fostering clear communication and expectations as the project progresses.  Creating a design plan together and problem-solving along the way allows for the client’s expectations to be exceeded“.


During the initial meeting, you will meet with your DBC designer to discuss your dreams for your space. Your unique needs, timeframe, and budget are considered and options are discussed. Your DBC Designer is listening carefully to your needs, dreams, lifestyle, and budget to figure out how to bring your dreams to reality.


After the initial meeting, your DBC team develops concepts for your space using the lens that you have given them. Using a blend of creativity and practicality, your DBC team will collaborate to create a design plan that brings your dreams and needs to fruition.

Once your team has created a comprehensive design plan, you meet again with your DBC team for your Design Proposal. During this presentation, your DBC team will outline their plans for your project including conceptual designs, materials, timeframe, and budget.


After the Design Proposal, your DBC team welcomes feedback regarding the plans for your project. Your communication and participation during this process is crucial. Your DBC team will listen to your feedback and incorporate it as the design evolves, while keeping your budget and timeframe in mind. In this phase material selections are decided and you will start to see your design dreams become a reality! With the endless possibilities of materials and finishes, we know that the task of material shopping can be overwhelming for some, so your Designer will accompany you offering their expertise & guidance. You will be fully supported while making any necessary changes to your design plan, and material selection with your DBC team always available as problem-solvers and innovators.

When your design plans meet your needs and your material selections are final, you will be presented a COMPREHENSIVE PROJECT BINDER that outlines every detail that has been agreed upon along with construction plans and a project contract. Signing the contract allows your DBC team to begin to take the next steps: ordering, scheduling, and attaining permits. Your DBC team will take care of all of the necessary paperwork to get your project moving forward and one step closer of taking your dreams to a reality.


Once the construction starts your project manager serves as your lead DBC contact, making communication with your team seamless. Your project manager also manages all communication within the rest of your DBC team, subcontractors, inspectors, material suppliers, etc.

At this point in the process, your job is to relax and let your DBC team take care of the rest! You can see your investment begin to take shape before your eyes. There may be scheduling, weather, or material delays- let your DBC team problem-solve these issues for you.

As construction comes to an end, you will meet again with your DBC team to go over all of the final details during the Final Walk-Thru with your Project Manager & Designer. Your DBC team’s only objective during this process is to make sure that you are delighted by the final outcome- this final walk-thru is essential to ensuring that your dreams have come to reality.

View Estes Kitchen Floor Plan in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.

3D Computer Modeling

DBC designers are highly trained in 3D computer rendering software. By  incorporating 3D rendering during the initial design phase, your vision is brought to life well before  construction begins, allowing you to have a clear visual sense for the possibilities of  your new space.

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