The DBC design-build process was created with the client in mind. During our unique process, the client collaborates with their DBC Design team, fostering clear communication and expectations as the project progresses. Creating a design plan together and problem-solving along the way allows for the client’s expectations to be surpassed.

The Distefano difference, our proven four-step process, Listen, Design, Refine, Build, guides the project from the initial call until the final review.

The Distefano process includes design, budgeting and planning, the creation of all necessary construction drawings and documents, and all phases of construction.

Utilizing a one-stop Design/Build process, Distefano Brothers is able to plan and complete each phase of the project to our standards. It guarantees our innovative designs and leading construction experience throughout the build.

We are a team by your side.

3D Computer Modeling

Chief Architects Remodel Software

The DiStefano Design team is highly trained in Chief Architect’s computer rendering software. By incorporating 3D rendering during the initial design phase, your vision is brought to life well before construction begins, allowing you to have a clear visual sense for the possibilities of your new space.


During our initial consultation, we listen and collaborate with you.  Our goal is to understand your intentions, priorities, timeline & investment. We determine if our company will best suit your needs and explain our DBC process.  If we are the company for you, we collect a design agreement and begin the journey together.

Inquiry / 1st Contact:

  • Reach out to us! Email or give us a call and our the sales team will follow up with a few questions to better understand your project and set up a consultation appointment if it’s a good fit.

Initial consultation:

  • During our initial complimentary consultation, our goal is to understand your intentions, priorities, timeline, and investment.
  • Our first consultation is complimentary! We’ll meet with you to discuss your remodeling and design goals, overall expectations, and talk about our process; we will Listen. Design/Build projects typically take a few weeks to months to finalize the scope & material selections; we want everyone to feel comfortable working together as collaborators to achieve the best result possible.


Our design team provides conceptual design plans, develops the project scope of work, and  estimated project costs – all based on your design goals.  Next, we’ll present our design ideas and a tour of our design studio so you are able to visualize and truly understand the DBC way.

Design Agreement:
Should you decide we’re the right fit for you (and we hope you do!) we’ll move into the first phase of Project Development. For a small fee, our Development team will come assess existing site conditions, gather relevant architectural data, take measurements and photographs, and then create a Schematic Design Plan. Schematic Designs are preliminary concept drawings used to convey the size, shape, & function of the living space. These are not yet suitable for permits or construction execution, but this is a critical step. It’s important to be aligned on the big picture before getting into the nitty gritty details. In this stage we’ll also outline the proposed Scope of Work, a project budget range, estimated project timeline, and general description of the build process.

Schematic Design meeting:
Together we’ll review the Schematic layout plan to confirm we’ve accurately captured your desires and all ideal conditions are met. We’ll discuss the overall scope, budget, and the next steps and decisions needed to get to the final contract.


It’s all in the details for a smooth remodeling experience.  All material selections, specifications, refined design plans, construction details and project costs are finalized.  Your project contract and binder {our remodeling manual} is set up, along with your project schedule.
Let the journey begin.

Pre-Construction Agreement:

The last phase of Development is Pre-Construction where your project truly comes together! DBC will assist you with the final design details and material selections. Our Craftsmen and Subcontractors will also visit the site to start planning out the final scope & execution. This process may take a few weeks to allow you to consider different options and cost impacts. The cost of Pre-Construction is typically proportional to the scale of the project.

Pre-Construction Meeting:

Together with your team, we’ll go over all the final drawings, finishes, timeline, and total project cost. We’ll review the contract documents, our quality standards, and warranty information. Only after we have your final approval do we start construction.

Contract Signing, Buyout, and Start Date:

Once your contract is signed and a deposit collected, we will begin to order materials. Some items may have significant lead times (eg: custom windows or cabinets may take 6 weeks to fabricate & deliver) so the construction process will need to be planned around the availability of the materials.


All of the planning and designing comes to life.  Our skilled management and construction team takes care of the entire project; watch as your space transforms into the dream we’ve envisioned.  Enjoy the journey – we promise to deliver an exceptional experience.

We dare you to begin your remodeling journey with us!


  • Our Construction Hours are from 7:30am-4pm, Monday – Friday. Please allow for site access during this time or notify our team to accommodate otherwise. Weekend work can be done depending on the schedule.
  • We will set up dust protection, drop off a dumpster, and building materials. Our team will need access to the site from the final walkthrough. 
  • Meet with the client to create the punch list. 

Completion and Warranty:

Once all punch list items have been completed, we will ask for final approval on work done and provide product warranty information.

We will address any post-completion issues as needed unless otherwise specified in the contract.