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Virtual Reality…Bring Your Visions to Life!

It starts with a vision, wouldn’t new cabinets look great? And maybe an island in the center of the kitchen? And perhaps adding a breakfast nook under those windows? Ideas are jotted down; sketches are scribbled out on loose-leaf paper. The daydreams start to take shape and form. After months of excitement about making that [...]

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The Hottest 2018 Interior Design Trends to Watch!

It’s a new year, a new you, and a new vision of what is in store for interior design in 2018. Here are just some of our Designers picks for, innovative, yet practical ideas and design trends for the upcoming year and beyond. Be on the lookout for: • Dedicated Chopping and Baking Stations: Passionate [...]

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Tips for a Successful Livable Remodel

A homeowner’s decision to live in the home during a remodel is an important one and one that is feasible, as long as all parties are in agreement. It requires a bit of planning to be successful and comfortable, by both the homeowner and the contractor. At DiStefano Brothers, our strong site management will [...]

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The Tips You Need For Remodeling Your Bathroom!

Bathroom remodeling  has become one of the most popular home renovation projects.   The bathroom has upped its anti and seeks to be become stylish, efficient, and comfortable…even a luxurious retreat.  A bathroom remodel will not only add comfort and enjoyment to your lifestyle it will also add value to your home.  Although bathrooms [...]

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Modern Minimalist

Deep traditional wood tones are the perfect complement to the neutral shades homeowners desired for their modern guest bath update. With no natural light available in this interior space, the design itself, along with the selected materials deliver a feeling of light to any occupant. Showcasing once again that modern [...]

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