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Virtual Reality…Bring Your Visions to Life!

It starts with a vision, wouldn’t new cabinets look great? And maybe an island in the center of the kitchen? And perhaps adding a breakfast nook under those windows? Ideas are jotted down; sketches are scribbled out on loose-leaf paper. The daydreams start to take shape and form. After months of excitement about making that [...]

Nothing Says Summer Like an Outdoor Shower!

Nothing says summer like spending the day enjoying your outdoor shower in Rhode Island!  Whether it’s sun and fun at the beach, gardening to beautify your home’s exterior or spending time with family and friends around a campfire, summer means taking advantage of everything nature has to offer!  But nature is dirty and who wants [...]

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Outdoor Living Spaces…Trends You Need to Know!

New Englanders are a hearty bunch.  We enjoy four glorious seasons every year and relish the thought of all of them.  That being said…..spring is finally here!  The temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer.   In turn, we naturally begin to think about our home and the surrounding property, and what can [...]

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