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What 5 Remodel Projects will Increase a Home’s Resale Value?

When thinking about a remodel project, it’s important to consider how the end result will influence the resale value of the home. The design, as well as its execution, needs to align with your vision, your budget, and your future plans. . The DiStefano Brothers Team has determined five remodel projects that will increase resale [...]

What to Look For When Hiring a Contractor in Rhode Island?

The DiStefano Brothers Construction's Design-Build team has put together a list of important recommendations that all Rhode Island homeowners should consider when hiring a contractor: A valid Rhode Island Contractor’s License An Address: the homeowner should know exactly where their contractor is located. Insurance: without insurance the homeowner may be liable for any injuries occurring [...]

What are the Top 4 Ideas Top 4 for Smart Organization in Your New Kitchen Cabinet Design

The kitchen is typically the busiest room in any household.  It is where we eat, entertain, gather, do homework, and much more.  It is no wonder that the kitchen has many functions.  For this reason, developing a system that will utilize every aspect of your kitchen’s corners and spaces between appliances is necessary and is [...]

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How Do I Choose the Right Shower Tile?

Our designers share their top 7 tips to keep in mind when selecting a shower tile. Glass Tiles Advice:  Although quite beautiful, glass is not always easy to work with.  Some clear glass tiles can show moisture that is trapped behind them, resulting in what was once a beautiful shower enclosure looking awful in a [...]

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Will My Home be Messy During the Remodel?

Remodeling is a messy business creating a lot of dirt and dust. That said, the DiStefano team considers respecting your property job #1, and as a result, we take every practical step to protect your home from the dust and dirt. Each day, we will leave the property in the same condition that we found [...]