Our designers share their top 7 tips to keep in mind when selecting a shower tile.

  • Glass Tiles Advice:  Although quite beautiful, glass is not always easy to work with.  Some clear glass tiles can show moisture that is trapped behind them, resulting in what was once a beautiful shower enclosure looking awful in a very short time.  Small glass tiles are much easier to work with than larger ones.
  • Be careful when selecting mosaic tile:  Choose a mosaic tile that offers at least 95% contact from the tile to the backer board.
  • Create a Feature wall: Choose a second, coordinating tile and feature it on an adjacent wall of your shower enclosure or as a waterfall.
  • Think about the ‘Feel’ of The Tile: A large slab feels nicer to sit on than a small tile with many grout lines.
  • Consider a Universal Design: If you plan to age in your home, choosing a large-format tile and a one-way slope for easy access to the shower makes sense.
  • Don’t Forget About Cleaning: Large slabs or large glass panels are much easier to clean than small mosaic-type tiles.
  • Use smaller tiles for better traction: Smaller tiles give better slip-resistance.