When thinking about a remodel project, it’s important to consider how the end result will influence the resale value of the home. The design, as well as its execution, needs to align with your vision, your budget, and your future plans. .

The DiStefano Brothers Team has determined five remodel projects that will increase resale value your home and make sound financial sense.

  1. A Kitchen Remodel: The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and is therefore the most important space to give attention to when considering a remodel.
  2. Add Living Space: Adding square footage to your existing home will increase your home’s value and is typically a very good investment.
  3. Exterior Improvements: curb appeal is paramount to the value of your home to prospective buyers.
  4. Master Suite: Updating an existing master bedroom or transforming existing space into a new master suite adds value and appeal to any home.
  5. Bathrooms: Home buyers are incredibly interested in the number, size, and functionality of bathrooms.

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