The DiStefano Brothers Construction’s Design-Build team has put together a list of important recommendations that all Rhode Island homeowners should consider when hiring a contractor:

  • A valid Rhode Island Contractor’s License
  • An Address: the homeowner should know exactly where their contractor is located.
  • Insurance: without insurance the homeowner may be liable for any injuries occurring on the project.
  • Lead Safety Certification: contractors working on homes built prior to 1978 should be certified in lead-safe practices by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Scope-of-Work: A detailed description of what the project includes, who is responsible for what and an estimated cost of the project should be presented and agreed upon by both parties prior to signing a contract.
  • Project Calendar: projects often take longer than expected. Prior to beginning, the contractor should present a project calendar to the client.
  • A Contract: a contract will protect all parties involved in the project.
  • Payment Schedule: The payment schedule should be agreed upon by both parties before work begins.
  • Warranty: a standard warranty for completed work is typically one year from the completion of the project.

Hiring a contractor who comprises all of the above allows the homeowner the benefit of experience, inspiration and ideas, and will ensure the project is completed in a timely fashion and to the highest quality. Thinking about a remodel? Follow the helpful tips above to begin the process of hiring a qualified contractor to help turn your vision into a reality as seamlessly as possible.

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