The Hottest 2018 Interior Design Trends to Watch!

It’s a new year, a new you, and a new vision of what is in store for interior design in 2018. Here are just some of our Designers picks for, innovative, yet practical ideas and design trends for the upcoming year and beyond. Be on the lookout for:

• Dedicated Chopping and Baking Stations:
Passionate home cooks who enjoy more complicated recipes that require lots of chopping, rolling, or other vigorous maneuvers, are opting for counters lower than the standard countertop height. Often, this baking station is a continuation of the larger, standard height island but the homeowner can also create the look of a freestanding piece of furniture to accent their style.

 Matte Black Finishes:
Matte black has a contemporary vibe, yet at the same time gives a rustic or industrial feel. It will take over for the satin brass of last year and is a sure update to your home decor. Keep an eye out for this finish in kitchen appliances as well!

 More Color in Kitchens:
Homeowners are always looking for ways to personalize their space with a bit of color. Although white will always be a classic choice for kitchens, gray and blue have come along as strong contenders. Picking up steam however, are warm wood tones that may soon replace the popularity of painted cabinets.

Glass Insert for Tub-Shower Combos:
Looking to add an update to your bathroom? How about glass insert for your tub-shower combo! The beauty of adding glass panels is that they keep compact spaces open and airy, making a smaller space seem visually larger. Also, glass provides a clear view to that beautiful shower tile you invested in, while reflecting natural light.

 Defining Kitchens in Open Floor Plans:
Interior walls are being knocked down like dominoes. The open concept has been the rage for some time now. However, many homeowners are now looking for some sort of separation of space between the kitchen and the living area. This can be created by rustic beams, a half wall of cabinetry, glass tiles, wine cubbies, library nooks with glass doors, and so many more functional, yet beautiful ways, to create a semi-enclosed space between the kitchen and living room.

Millwork Feature Walls and Detailing:
Reclaimed wood, shiplap, millwork panels, and repurposed boards of any kind have been popular for some time and this trend is expected to continue to create accent walls in any room in your home.

Large Single Bowl Sinks:
Gone are the days of double stainless steel or white porcelain sinks. Consumers are seeking a single bowl, large sink for their kitchens.
With the endless material options offered, concrete, stone, copper quartz composite, in a variety of colors: sinks are becoming a main design feature in kitchens. The customization rage has also made its way to sinks; the latest offering from Elkay, a Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink with Interchangeable Apron Front blends the classic of stainless with modern materials and offers a fresh look as often as the owner desires.

Fish-Scale Pattern Backsplash:
We’ve all seen Subway tile; it’s simple, timeless look is beautiful, but, for the homeowner who may want something out of the box, “fish scale” pattern always feels fresh and even a little exotic or nautical, depending on the materials used. It gives a sense of motion with its semicircle pattern that appear to be overlapping like actual fish scales, which makes it look energetic and imaginative.

Vintage Lighting:
Lighting has become a huge focus, and especially vintage-style fixtures. Aged copper, rubbed bronze, or industrial matte black are all popular choices and some of these lighting pieces are also considered to be a great way to add artistic flare.

Color Prediction for 2018!
We’ve all been waiting for this! It’s a thoughtful shade, one that evokes originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us towards the future………ULTR VIOLET it is! A blue-based shade of purple with a mystical or spiritual quality, ultra violet will light the way to new creative discoveries. With eight different color palettes that feature variations of ultra violet, all color bases are covered, confirming that ultra violet is trans-seasonal, gender-neutral and will cross-over fashion, beauty, home interiors, and graphic design. With its palette of hazy, smoky hues, ultra violet embodies calmness, something we could all use a little more of.