This advertisement for October 2022’s So Rhode Island showcases two beautiful bathrooms.

The top bathroom features marble, one of the most desired natural materials found on earth. Other materials, such as porcelain and quartz, can imitate the look of marble; nothing compares to the true characteristics of the real deal. One of the contributing factors to marble’s natural spectacular appearance is the infusion of rich crystals; Marble is available in a wide variety of colors.

The lower bathroom features porcelain tile and an exquisite mosaic glass floor. Porcelain tiles have a lower cost, are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns,  and are easier to maintain than marble but are more prone to cracking.

Both of these custom-designed bathrooms set the tone for peace and tranquility, but which material is right for you? Come visit our showroom in Wakefield, where you can see and touch each of these materials.

As seen in SO Rhode Island.

SO Rhode Island: Beautifully Remodeled Bathrooms

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