Virtual Reality…Bring Your Visions to Life!

It starts with a vision, wouldn’t new cabinets look great? And maybe an island in the center of the kitchen? And perhaps adding a breakfast nook under those windows? Ideas are jotted down; sketches are scribbled out on loose-leaf paper. The daydreams start to take shape and form. After months of excitement about making that dream kitchen a reality and the building suspense of what it might actually look like, it is finally time to make that appointment with a design/ build firm. Remodeling a home is an expensive investment. Not being able to visualize a final product can be exasperating and frankly, a bit scary, for anyone. Now, with virtual reality, a potential client can view that new kitchen in a three-dimensional space and truly see what their remodel will look like before making the final decision.
Virtual reality is revolutionizing the remodeling industry. Showing clients their 360° virtual space for the first time and sharing their excitement as we walk them through each conceptual design element is invaluable. The remodel they have been dreaming of for months, maybe years, is no longer just a figment of their imagination. With virtual reality, the client is able to move through a simulated design and truly begin to see the potential of their space. Now the conceptual design becomes clear. Moving through a virtual space allows imagery to demonstrate the flow and function of that space, while keeping everyone on the same page. What would it look like if the cabinets were over there? Which backsplash will go with that paint color they have fallen in love with? Would hardwood floors look better than tile floors? Just click and see!
Many of our clients have expressed how this technology has relieved their uncertainty during the design phase of their project. It is gratifying for both the designer and the client to finalize the design process and to be able to sign a contract with confidence. The design phase is the foundation of any project. Giving our clients peace of mind with a clear visual of their remodel and seeing the sureness they have with their final decision is priceless.

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