Nothing Says Summer Like an Outdoor Shower!

Nothing says summer like spending the day enjoying your outdoor shower in Rhode Island!  Whether it’s sun and fun at the beach, gardening to beautify your home’s exterior or spending time with family and friends around a campfire, summer means taking advantage of everything nature has to offer!  But nature is dirty and who wants the sand, soil and smoke-filled wardrobe brought INSIDE??  An outdoor shower is the perfect solution for washing away a sandy beach day or getting rid of the dirt and grime of all life’s adventures without adding any extra clean-up.

Luckily, outdoor showers have come a long way since the rusty pipe hidden by a rickety wooden fixture protruding from a beach cottage.  Options abound for attractive, private, relaxing spaces to rinse the day away under the open sky.  Any home, no matter its proximity to the beach, can be fitted with the perfect outdoor shower to match the style and taste of those who will enjoy it.  Our team of experts at DiStefano Brothers have a bit of advice to share with anyone considering an outdoor shower project.

There are a few guidelines to be aware of prior to embarking on this outdoor shower project:

  • Consult your local building code officials. Some municipalities closely regulate outdoor showers due to drainage concerns.  Some may even require a roof for the structure.
  • Make a plan to control run-off. Excess water not properly diverted can leak into your basement and damage your home’s foundation.  Densely packed gravel sloped away from the house should replace the existing layer of soil.
  • Some towns require a licensed plumber install outdoor showers. We can ensure that a licensed plumber will be on the job to meet all such requirements.


Once all regulatory considerations are covered, it’s time to look at options for materials.  It is important to note that our team of designers will take into account the existing structure as well as your unique vision to create an outdoor shower that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Some things to consider when choosing materials are:

  • Repurposing salvaged building materials as a fun and fashionable choice for an assortment of designs. Objects such as wood pallets, naturally aged bricks, shiplap, corrugated metal or stone are all possibilities allow for a rustic yet luxurious look.
  • Your location may be a source of materials such as beach rock, oak pallets, logs or timber. This will allow your outdoor retreat to flow seamlessly into the surrounding area.
  • Natural stone, ceramic tile, stucco, and flagstone are popular materials used to enhance outdoor shower enclosures.
  • Recycled materials that have strength and are waterproof, such as sails from a racing vessel or canvas tents could be creatively repurposed to surround or cover an outdoor shower.

Anyone can have the amenity of an outdoor shower with these few basic needs: a water source, faucet and shower head, enclosure (or not!), flat surface, and a drainage bed (gravel or stone in a 4-6” deep trench).  Outdoor showers can be that simple or include more lavish details such as:

  • a bench or stool to enable enjoyment by all members of your family as well as guests with limited mobility
  • a place for towels and/or dry clothes inside but away from the flow of the water; this can be simple hooks or something special
  • blend your shower stall with the architecture of your home with paint, siding material, fixture finish, or lighting
  • cleverly concealed plumbing using wood slats, decorative tile, stone, or almost any material that tolerates water, or………
  • plumbing accentuated with brass, copper or another element that suits your style to encase pipes
  • a smooth, comfortable surface for under your feet such as flat blue stone or teak stepping planks placed over the drainage material
  • a hand-held shower head to rinse off the kids or bathe your four-legged family members
  • solar panels to feed solar-heated hot water directly into your outdoor oasis
  • a light fixture to extend use into the evening hours

DiStefano Brothers’ team of experienced professionals are ready to help you take your showering routine into the great outdoors!  There is no substitute for an open-air shower to soothe the soul on a cool spring morning, a sweltering summer afternoon, or a crisp winter evening under the stars.  We look forward to helping you reconnect with nature while you wash your cares away.

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