8 Tips For Choosing the Right Shower Tile for You!

Choosing shower tile can be an overwhelming experience and a costly decision if the right tile is not selected for its intended use.  With many factors to consider, such as, curved walls, slip resistance, a shower bench seat, the mineral content of your water, the general design of the shower enclosure, and so many more our Designers can offer you guidance, knowledge and years of experience when it comes to selecting the proper tile; functionally as well as aesthetically for your shower. Our designers share their top 8 tips to keep in mind when shopping for shower tile.

  • Glass tile advice:  Although quite beautiful, glass is not always easy to work with.  Some clear glass tiles can show moisture that is trapped behind them, resulting in what was once a beautiful shower enclosure looking awful in a very short time.  Small glass tiles are much easier to work with than larger ones.  Consult your bathroom design expert for the best choices in glass tiles.
  • Be careful when selecting mosaic tile: Contact from the wall to the tile is very important-you want to be able to trust the glue on a piece of tile.  Choose a mosaic tile that offers at least 95% contact from the tile to the backer board.
  • Create a feature wall: Choose a second, coordinating tile and feature it on an adjacent wall of your shower enclosure or as a waterfall.  This feature can add contrast, depth, and texture to your design while allowing you to use tiles that may not work for other reasons such as the slip factor or size issues.

  • Think about the feel: A large slab feels nicer to sit on than a small tile with many grout lines.  Also, consider how the bench might feel on the back of your legs.  A curved edge to the bench top, eased edge, will bring comfort vs a non-eased edge that can be  hard against the back of your legs.

  • Consider a universal design: If you plan to age in your home, choosing a large-format tile and a one-way slope for easy access to the shower makes sense.  Also, the room will look much larger when using large tile throughout the design.

  • Don’t forget about cleaning: Large slabs or large glass panels are much easier to clean than small mosaic-type tiles.  If you are one who hates cleaning the shower, choose tiles of a larger size.

  • Use your first-choice tile to frame a second choice tile: If you have chosen a tile as your first choice that does not offer a good slip resistance on the shower floor use that tile to frame or accent a suitable slip resistant tile.  This allows you to have the tile you fell in love with and maintain safety in the shower.
  • Use smaller tiles for better traction: Smaller tiles give better slip-resistance.  So, if you have a beautiful design in mind but cannot disregard those gorgeous large tiles, simply use smaller, coordinating tiles for the safety factor and continue with the larger ones where slipping is not a worry.

Our design team at DiStefano Brothers Construction has the knowledge and experience you are seeking to help you through the process of planning and choosing the right tile for your shower.  We will be able to inform you of the many factors that affect which shower tile works best for your needs.  With thousands of choices available, there will always be a solution that will create the beautiful shower of your dreams.  Click here to contact our team!