Your Spring Renovation is Just Around the Corner!

Tis the season to be jolly…and, to start planning for your spring renovation project.  Now is the time to go shopping, gather with friends, enjoy a fireside dinner, and decorate your home with your favorite things.  But it is also time to start planning for spring projects. Many homeowners are not aware of the typical timeline for the planning process of a remodeling project Our team at DiStefano Brothers knows that, once the busy holiday season is over, spring is a popular time for remodels.  Our experts are familiar with the planning and preparation needed prior to starting the construction phase of an average remodel. In short, planning for spring remodel projects should begin soon!

Kitchen Remodeling Rhode Island

Kitchen Remodeling Rhode Island

A good total time guideline for a standard kitchen or bath remodel is approximately four to five months, including the initial planning stage through to completion.   Take a look at a sample kitchen timeline:

  • 1 month- gather estimates and plan the design with your choice of contractor/designer
  • 1-1 & 1/2 months- shop to select materials & finalize construction plans
  • 4-6 weeks- turn-around time for ordered materials to arrive before construction begins
  • 1-1 & 1/2 months- secure permits and begin construction of the project (allow closer to two months for a large-scale kitchen renovation)

A similar planning and preparation timeline can be applied to a bathroom remodel project. The final construction phase for a bathroom remodel can range from 3 weeks- 1 ½ months (again allow up to two months for a master bathroom or other large-scale renovation). Custom glass frame less shower enclosures typically take from 4-8 weeks to arrive.  Fortunately, your bathroom is often ready for use weeks before the glass is ready, and your contractor can provide a temporary shower rod and curtain while you await your final elegant touch!

While it’s certainly a busy time of decking the halls, there are many reasons to begin the process of a remodeling project soon.  Here are some to consider starting now:

  • Avoid the rush: give yourself the time needed to make important decisions without rushing. Allow time to browse through design ideas at your own pace to discern your needs and personal style.
  • Determine your budget: analyze the current state of your finances and make a plan that is comfortable for you.
  • Choose wisely: shop around to choose a reputable remodeling contractor who fits your needs and vision and who are Licensed and Insured. Ask for recommendations and browse contractor portfolios before making any decisions.
  • Scheduling flexibility: because spring is a notoriously busy time for contractors starting in the fall provides more choice in start dates for spring construction by planning, designing, and scheduling your renovation project during the winter months.
  • Enjoyment: whether your project covers an interior or exterior area, when the warm weather finally arrives here in New England, you will want be enjoying the final result. Use the winter months to work on the plans and the project will be ready for you to enjoy in the warm weather months.

Yes, it is the season to be with family and friends, deck the halls, roast the chestnuts, and all of the wonderful things that the winter season brings.  It is also the time to begin planning your next project just in time for the season of new beginnings!  So, enjoy the winter season along with the excitement of your renovation dreams coming true this spring!

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