Top Four Essential Elements of Your New Kitchen Cabinet Design

The kitchen is typically the busiest room in any household.  It is where we eat, entertain, gather, do homework, and much more.  It is no wonder that the kitchen has many functions.  For this reason, developing a system that will utilize every aspect of your kitchen’s corners and spaces between appliances is necessary and is certainly not a small feat. When our clients come to us seeking a revived, clean look in their kitchen, the discussion always goes toward new cabinet design.  Many want to remove the clutter and hide the essential items away but keep them accessible. Here are our Top 4 suggestions for smart organization in your new kitchen cabinet design:

  1. Pull out trash and recycling unit.

Trash is an eyesore in any location of the house.  Hiding away unsightly garbage is a priority in kitchen cabinet design.  Our team with work with your existing space to determine the best possible way to hide the trash receptacles while keeping them accessible.  One such method is placing the trash and recycling bins back to back in that tall, narrow space next to the dishwasher or near the sink.  This is a convenient location during the cooking or cleaning process as scraps and waste can be easily deposited into the appropriate can.  Even better, simply close the pull-out unit and the trash is out of sight and out of mind…allowing you to enjoy the clean look of your kitchen design.

  1. The Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

The concept of the lazy Susan corner cabinet is a convenient solution to such an awkward space.   Gone are the days of the corner cabinet’s existence as a mere wasteland of rarely used kitchen gadgets and dusty, old food storage containers. The corner cabinet has been reborn! Using a wooden or metal circular shelving, these corner units will become the cornerstone of kitchen storage. This is often one of the largest cabinets in most kitchens and the with the lazy Susan design; it can become one of the most accessible.

  1. Roll-Out Shelves

Too often canned goods and old kitchen appliances and gadgets retreat to the dark abyss that is back of the base kitchen cabinets. They are retrieved many months later during a spring cleaning event only to be well past their prime and ready for the trash. Such a waste! With roll-out shelving, however, the dark recesses of kitchen cabinetry have become a thing of the past. These shelves are also great for storing larger appliances, making items such as mixers and blenders easily accessible.

  1. Cutlery & Utensil Storage

They are a kitchen necessity but do not necessarily need to be the focal point in your Kitchen. Our favorite smart organization accessories for your cutlery & utensil storage include:

  • The Knife Block insert
  • The Two-Tiered Cutlery Drawer
  • The Knife and Utensil Pull-out

These are just four of the new and innovative ways kitchen cabinet design has evolved. Utilizing every inch of space in your kitchen while de-cluttering your area will give any kitchen a fresh and modern look.  Our team of design experts is ready to give your kitchen a clean new look that will offer you convenience and efficiency.