DiStefano Brothers Win Chamber Choice Award: Best Employer

Fun night at Souther Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce  'Chamber Choice Awards’  with some of the DiStefano Brothers Construction team! The stars were out in full force at the award show, and we are thrilled to share Peter DiStefano took home Best Employer!

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DiStefano Brothers all Female Design team are recognized as apart of ‘ The Bay’s 2017 Leading Ladies

  This article is published by courtesy of The Bay Magazine. The original article can be read here.

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Your Expert Guide to Cabinet Construction….

There’s an old saying that says, “You’ll know quality when you see it”, and this is still true today and probably always will be.  But, sometimes there are situations when you have no idea what quality really is, either because you have absolutely no idea about the subject or because quality can be subjective [...]

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The Tips You Need for Remodeling Your Basement!

There are  many reasons to remodel your basement, some of which include economical, logical, and practical.  First and foremost, you already have the space….meaning…you have the walls, floor, and ceiling needed for expansion which saves money, as opposed to an addition adding to the footprint of your home and therefore, increasing the cost of [...]

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The Tips You Need For Remodeling Your Bathroom!

Bathroom remodeling  has become one of the most popular home renovation projects.   The bathroom has upped its anti and seeks to be become stylish, efficient, and comfortable…even a luxurious retreat.  A bathroom remodel will not only add comfort and enjoyment to your lifestyle it will also add value to your home.  Although bathrooms [...]

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Kitchen Remodeling in Rhode Island

What is the most used room in a house?  You guessed it, the kitchen! For this reason, entering into your kitchen remodeling in Rhode Island project requires thoughtful consideration from you and your team of experts.  Our local Southern Rhode Island kitchen remodeling experts have put together a list of tips to help you [...]

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Tips for a Successful Livable Remodel

A homeowner’s decision to live in the home during a remodel is an important one and one that is feasible, as long as all parties are in agreement. It requires a bit of planning to be successful and comfortable, by both the homeowner and the contractor. At DiStefano Brothers, our strong site management will [...]

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