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In addition to kitchen and bath design, DBC designers and craftsmen have extensive experience in reimagining other interior spaces.  Have you always wanted a cozy family room with custom built-ins?  DBC designers can help you find the perfect space in your home for all your needs.  

DBC designers and craftsmen can help you redesign your home in a multitude of ways.

RI Interior Remodel
RI Interior Remodel

What Our Clients say…

“I have had the pleasure of working with Peter DiStefano and his team on multiple design/build projects. What a joy. They are always looking out for their client’s best interest and approach projects so that there are no surprises. This means that their estimates are pretty spot on – no add-ons at the end that weren’t disclosed up front. The level of service that DBCRI provides is top notch – always ensuring to protect the client’s home carefully during construction – something you should not take lightly. His crew members are true craftsmen who have many years of experience mastering their craft and I know Peter is a true believer in always learning about new cutting-edge products that would benefit his projects & clients timeline or bottom line. Five stars for DiStefano Brothers Construction!”

Blakely Interior Design
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