A 1900s Whole-House Remodel Gallery

Our team completed a comprehensive remodel of this early 1900s home, inside and out.

We designed and constructed a pavilion and exterior fireplace for outside living; working alongside BayScape Landscape Construction, we added a 900-square-foot bluestone patio.

Inside, we renovated the kitchen to bring functionality and appeal, removing the bulky ovens and replacing them with a stove and additional upper cabinets; beautiful quartz countertops continued up the walls to serve as a backsplash; custom drapery and furnishings brought life to living areas with pops of blue, green, and raspberry red throughout.

Credit to our team:
  • Contractor, Designer, and Builder: DiStefano Brothers Construction
  • Landscape Design: BayScape
  • Window Treatments: Fabric Gallery

Before the Transformation

stonewall residence before photo-2

stonewall residence before photo

stonewall residence before photo

stonewall residence before photo

After the Transformation: Interior

After the Transformation: Exterior

After the Transformation: Kitchen